[maemo-community] Deprecate the maemo-community list?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Jan 18 14:07:27 EET 2010
Hi Kathy,

Kathy Smith wrote:
> So the proposals:
> 1) Encourage people on the mailing list to look in to the forum from
> time to time to be aware of what’s buzzing.
> 2) Make the mailing list more visible, and encourage more forum posters
> to be involved.
> 3) Make sure the Council don’t make decisions until people in all the
> media have had the opportunity to input their opinions.

Thank you for this excellent and cogent analysis. Your proposals are the
most sensible I've seen. I should point out that it's not only the
council that makes decisions - whoever is making a decision affecting
the community should seek input from the larger community, be it Nokia,
the council or anyone else. Suggested general rule: if seeking community
input in one place, at least *advertise* that in every place.

Thanks again Kathy!


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