[maemo-community] Deprecate the maemo-community list?

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Jan 27 09:45:25 EET 2010
Reggie wrote:
> Testing how BBCode will appear in emails. I'm posting this direct
> from Talk:
> ---Quote---
> This is quoted
> ---End Quote---

How easy is it to change that depending on the medium? What technology skills would someone need if you couldn't do it (e.g. time/inclination/hardness)?

> Link to Talk (http://talk.maemo.org)

Changing these to footnotes could be cool. This is what links and lynx do when rendering HTML to pure text.

> *Bold*
> List:
> * Item 1
> * Item 2
> * Item 3

Perfect :)

> Not bad at all. When replying, you can use BBCode, if you want to.

Yeah, not bad. Unfortunately to properly considering merging using this technology, I think we have to be better than "not bad" to avoid disrupting each medium excessively.



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