[maemo-community] Maemo community outreach flyer reboot v2 - final (Community)

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Thu Jan 28 06:03:51 EET 2010
Linked below is the final (for now, and barring any fatal errors)
rendition of the outreach flyer intended to present the maemo.org
community.  Thanks to Jaffa for the feedback on the previous version.

I have not incorporated everyone's suggestions (some of them conflicted,
as they will) but I think overall this will suffice.  Going forward, I
encourage everyone to continue sending suggestions or even design your
own-- it's a good idea to refresh these periodically.

Next will be two more, one with a developer focus (as I originally
started) but strictly within the realm of maemo.org (no Nokia logos, for
instance).  The other will be a history of Maemo from the community
perspective, highlighting device and software advances.

Again I appreciate the contributions so far, including the admonitions
from those who let me know in no uncertain terms that Quim's
contributions have been on target. Mea culpa.  ; )

I am also forming a subcommittee called Maemo Events and Community
Outreach.  Volunteers needed.  Some have already stepped up but at the
very least we will need representation in major Maemo markets. 
Expectations will be language translations, representation at local and
regional events, groundwork, etc.  The council will also be putting
together a budget for activities at Quim's request.

Link: http://maemo-daemons.org/maemo-org_community-flyer2_Maemo5.pdf

Previous email copied below for reference.

Thanks all,

Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

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    Subject: Maemo community outreach flyer reboot - feedback
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    After trying various angles on the community outreach flyer and
    processing various viewpoints, I've decided that instead of
    trying to create something that tried to exist somewhere between
    the maemo.org community and Maemo of Nokia, it made sense
    to focus on a 100% community-oriented presentation at least for

    So I've stripped off the more explicit Nokia references and
    culled more material from the maemo.org site, with some updates. 
    I am also organizing the flyers into 3 categories:

    Introduction (history of Maemo and maemo.org)

    There will be common themes and some shared text across the
    flyers but each will address a distinct area.

    Again, the goal is to have materials to share at small meetups
    and possibly larger events.  My outreach is slowly growing-- I
    have presented Maemo to an open source enthusiast group in Dallas
    and have begun reaching out to other Dallas groups as well as
    Austin and possibly Houston later.  The focus for now is on open
    source in general, Linux and Python.

    Ultimately, I hope to engage others around the world and work on
    translating flyers into various languages as well as accomodating
    standard paper sizes for regions outside the US (like A4).

    The first flyer (post reboot) I am presenting for consideration
    is for Community, letter sized.


    Thanks again for everyone's indulgence in this community
    project!  I especially want to thank the following:

    Ed Page
    Tim Samoff
    Jamie Bennett
    Quim Gil
    Ville Vainio

    and forum members Revdkathy, DaSilva, drm, smegheadz, and jjx,

    .....as well as Toni Nikkanen for his wonderful photos from maemo
    Summit 2009! (see front side upper right and back side)

    Randall (Randy) Arnold
    maemo.org community council


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