[maemo-community] Maemo community outreach flyer reboot v2 - final (Community)

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu Jan 28 19:53:44 EET 2010

Randall Arnold wrote:
>> 1. Make sure things are vertically...
> actually it is, but just doesn't appear so.  If I need to fudge it I

Imo, the "Search" text needs to move up about a pixel and the "future 
of..." text needs to move down 2 or so pixels. But, I'm just nitpicking 
and I know you're trying to align the baselines of both text blocks, so 
I'm happy with whatever you do.

>> 2. Adjust the kerning...
> I may just go back to left justification and let the text have a ragged
right side.  I've put way too much work into just that one block.  Tired of
jacking with it.  :D

I like it being force-justified. Is adjusting the kerning difficult?

>> 3. Change the "See the back side...
> Not as easy to do as it sounds, due to other formatting concerns.  But
I'll see.

Can't you just hit Shift+Enter before "more" and hit Backspace before 

>> 5. On page 2, change the first sentence...
> That was done for a reason.  It's a continuation of the header above.

Right. I understood that. It doesn't work for me. But, again, I'm 

>> 6. Page 2: Increase the size...
> Wish I could.  It gets too grainy (bitmap).  If someone has a larger
source I can work with that would be great.  I don't know where this came

Then, just move it up a little so it is centered within the space.

>> 7. Change the color photo to b&w...
> I chose the color image deliberately.  This not an uncommon practice in
this sort of design work, to have several B&W images and one color.  Note
also that the colors fit in with our theme hues.  The fuzziness is
unfortunate, but I learned to live with it.  :D

It might be "common practice" for some, but it doesn't work for me here. 
That's why I brought it up. But, it's a "whatever" for me as well. No 


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