[maemo-community] New HAM CLI icon

From: Joppu joppu1 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 29 08:40:25 EET 2010
I really like it and the modern look! Only problem would be the
implementation, since someone mentioned, the default app icon is theme
dependant so it will be neccessary to have some kind of server side
implementation or modification to HAM.

2010/1/28 Tim <tim at samoff.com>

> Hi,
> I created a new HAM CLI icon/badge. This time, as you'll see, I went
> super-subtle. Check it out here:
> http://samoff.com/random/maemo/cli_icon/
> Be sure to view the "sample" image to see how it would look in the HAM.
> I created this because it seemed that the "puzzle" icon I made wasn't
> very well loved (although I think it looks pretty good, as used on
> Andrew's TinyFugue app). But, anyway, disliking the icon fine, of course.
> The next option -- if this one gets the same response -- will be to make
> a Web 2.0 style star burst badge. After that, someone else will have to
> give it a go, or we'll have to approach the idea again at the next
> Sprint meeting.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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> http://samoff.com
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