[maemo-community] In interest of transparency, here's my hour sheets

From: Carsten Munk carsten.munk at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 30 16:24:31 EET 2010
Since not everyone in community follows t.m.o Community forum, just
copy-pasting my post from TMO here as well (
http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=502204&postcount=1 )

So, since I'm collecting this data anyway - that is, how much hours
I'm using on various tasks as maemo.org distmaster I thought I would
share them with the community as well.

This is because there's only so much status updates and blog posts can
say, but this is the material I'm actually invoicing for and I have to
be able to stand in for this professionally. Since I'm interested in
community transparency, well, here they are.

My contractual obligation in November-December-January was 80 hours
per month of own choice - I had a master's thesis to finish. For
February and forth I'll be having 120 hours per month.

As distmaster, I do do some internal tasks and I've reserved my right
to replace the description of those with (Internal task), since my
role is sitting on the fence between internal and community.

I will probably be adding more updates to this thread (on TMO) as I
invoice monthly. This thread is not meant as pressure for others in
maemo.org to do the same (they might not have same systems to report
to as I do), but just for me to publish this information as it would
be mostly wasted in a drawer somewhere otherwise.

Without further delay, check out my hour sheet for November, December
and January 2010 at

Carsten Munk
maemo.org distmaster
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