[maemo-community] Quick update

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Jul 22 11:20:44 EEST 2010
Hi all,

I just wanted to give a quick status update for myself, in case anyone
was wondering what I've been up to in recent weeks.

For much of June, and all of July, I've been working on non-Maemo
projects - organising developer training for GUADEC (which I hope you're
all aware of) and completing work on the GNOME Census project, which
will be presented at GUADEC next week - see

So I haven't disappeared, but I won't be spending any time doing
anything other than tracking the mailing lists until the last week in
August, when I get back from Summer vacation. At that point, I will be
attacking the wiki & documentation related issues that came out of the
Maemo Brainstorm earlier this year.

Just wanted to reassure you all.


maemo.org docsmaster
Email: dneary at maemo.org
Jabber: bolsh at jabber.org

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