[maemo-community] Brainstorm meeting - minutes, decisions, food for thought

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Jun 4 20:29:18 EEST 2010
Hi all,

On Wednesday, we held a follow-up IRC meeting around the Maemo
Brainstorm that ran for a couple of weeks (mostly in Talk):

These are the minutes.

On a personal note, I was disappointed that more people were not present
to force the agenda for maemo.org, in spite of being very vocal on Talk
(and in general) about the future of Maemo. As you can see from the
minutes, there was only one person who made one comment outside of the
paid staff, Tero and Daniel from Nokia, and GA (who was the only member
of the council who was there).

The meeting felt very much like the sprint meetings - the Maemo staff
setting their own agenda, hoping that we're doing what people want.

This is your chance to help decide what Maemo will look like in 6 months
time, please take some time to review, and if there are obviously
important things you want to see done, shout now.

* Maemo Brainstorm Meeting Minutes *

Contributors (alphabetical order, with number of comments in-channel):

andre__ (12)
bergie (76)
danielwilms (10)
dneary (136)
ferenc (22)
GAN900/GeneralAntilles (74)
JimiDini (1)
tekojo (1)
X-Fade (68)

Chair: GeneralAntilles (until 0:46)/dneary (from 0:46 to 2:04)


1. Review feedback from brainstorm
2. Identify top priorities based on the feedback

Reminder of brainstorm categories:

2. Packages
3. Wiki
4. Talk & Mailing lists
5. Bugzilla
6. Planet & News
7. Garage & Developer Services
8. Community workings

Agreement that the main goal is to focus on things which can provide
support for existing Maemo users, given that there will be no official
release of MeeGo for N900.

Here are the general top priorities we agreed in the meeting (subject,
of course,
to discussion in case there is violent disagreement):

Overall priority for maemo.org:

* SSO for all maemo.org services (main site, wiki, bugzilla, talk)
 1) CAS and the user directory service up
 2) Midgard talking with CAS
 3) MediaWiki talking with CAS


* Propose putting it into maintenance mode
* Disable project registration once similar services exist for MeeGo and
align with them
* Could shut down Garage Bugtracker & send everyone to Bugzilla
* Same for mailing lists - everyone to Mailman
* Shutting it down would require providing a migration path to gitorious
(or similar services)

Packages and downloads

* Switch from autobuilder to OBS
* Move Downloads web interface on top of Packages
* Release the Maemo app installer
* Enable donations through Downloads pages of applications


* Upgrade to Bugzilla 3.4
* Triage all the PR 1.2 related bugs coming in


* Version wiki pages with categories according to which devices/OS
version they apply to
* Get rid of (or at least hide better) documentation for Maemo versions <= 4
* Infrastructure to allow easy wikification of individual Talk posts
* Collect Maemo 5 Use cases
* Improve search and identification of related pages for Wiki to reduce

Planet & News:

* View comments (expandable) in Planet
* Include tweets/identica/qaiku in social news

Basically no suggestions for news & planet outside of planned Nemein work


* Allow thread creators to change subject line
* Enable email to forum bridge
* Add RSS feeds of posts per thread, and per forum (currently the RSS
feed is "new threads in forum")

No suggestions for mailing lists

Community workings:

The topic was deferred, because the meeting ran long, and there were not
many people there to discuss it.


maemo.org docsmaster
Email: dneary at maemo.org
Jabber: bolsh at jabber.org

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