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From: chemist chemist at dostortugas.org
Date: Sat Jun 12 06:47:39 EEST 2010
Hey Randy, hey community,

First of all thank you for your kind words and the "getting it recognized" 
once and for all.

I know that Nokia is focusing at the main market but this also means that 
the then former tablet and N900 users are left behind. What I mean is that
Nokias main market goal consists of USA shares, capacitive, iBuyWhatIsTold 
and App-store.

Atm neither Maemo nor MeeGo will fit the subsidiary market of the US.
Capacitive will meet the unneeded needs of people who do not get that multi-
touch wont do good if getting to precision.
Nokia commercials do fit at some kind to iWillSellMySoul people but without
the proper iKnowYouCanNotLiveWithoutMe kind of ad in all local TV and an
atrackting nAstonishingLifeWillBecomeYoursIfYouBuyMe slogan this wont happen.

Knowing the matters of how things sell is the key, even me could sell fire 
extinguishers to arsonists with slogans like Steve comes up with.

First step in the right direction would be to make the community happy that
served for so many years now. A new resistive screen, oversized, slide-out 
keyboard and made for geeks device announced right after the capacitive, no 
keyboard, iWantToSellMySoul Nokia-device is shipped (and don't announce this
iPhone killer until it is ready to be shipped, Steves key atm is to sell 
devices right away without having people to wait and without giving competitors
time to interact. iPhone4's video-call was a must have due to Nokia having it
officialy supported with PR1.2 and the public knowing about it month before 

I dont know what Nokia is waiting for?! Few years ago I started designing 
stuff. From pens to mobilephones, just for myself but perfection hits me
when I have pencil and paper in my hands (1998 buildings and furniture,
2000 mobilephones and cars, 2005 kitchens and so on).

Now Nokia missed the train to jump on... Steve finaly hit the market with 
a device that actualy has good hardware and sells features as inovative
which have been on Nokia devices before he even thought about it.

Nokia missed out on advertising big time.

These are my thoughts and hire and fire would have been my solution if I had 
been in charge.



Ruediger Schiller
Quality Management Representative

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 02:47:29PM -0500, Randall Arnold wrote:
> (repeated from talk.maemo.org [1])
> Something Quim said in the "Nokia complaint" thread [2] about addressing
> the right channels (re issues) really hardened this for me:
> It is increasingly important for the community to have a deep, clear
> channel into Nokia. IMO that should be handled by the Community Council.
> But even though Quim and others have been great at facilitating where
> they can, it still feels ad hoc, as if Nokia executive management doesn't
> yet buy into Maemo/MeeGo and is still erecting firewalls that we the
> council can't breach.
> I have lobbied for periodic Nokia/council get-togethers managed and
> funded by Nokia. I think such sessions are extremely important but so far
> no movement on such a thing. It's going to be even more important for
> MeeGo although more complicated due to the structure.
> Regardless, it's past due time for Nokia to construct that channel. It's
> past due time for community outreach to ramp up in the company. I even
> positioned myself as a candidate to help in my region but I was told that
> such a thing would not happen until the need was determined. Sorry, that
> doesn't fly: you CULTIVATE the "need". If you build it they will come--
> but they won't come if you don't build. And Nokia isn't building big and
> fast enough.
> So maybe it's time for me to dust off that topic again and hit it hard...
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> [2] http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=55898
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Ruediger Schiller

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