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Date: Sat Jun 12 07:48:12 EEST 2010
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>Hey Randy, hey community,

> Atm neither Maemo nor MeeGo will fit the subsidiary market of the US.
> Capacitive will meet the unneeded needs of people who do not get that
> touch wont do good if getting to precision.
> Nokia commercials do fit at some kind to iWillSellMySoul people but
> the proper iKnowYouCanNotLiveWithoutMe kind of ad in all local TV and
> atrackting nAstonishingLifeWillBecomeYoursIfYouBuyMe slogan this wont
> Knowing the matters of how things sell is the key, even me could sell
> extinguishers to arsonists with slogans like Steve comes up with.
> First step in the right direction would be to make the community happy
> served for so many years now. A new resistive screen, oversized,
> keyboard and made for geeks device announced right after the
capacitive, no
> keyboard, iWantToSellMySoul Nokia-device is shipped (and don't announce
> iPhone killer until it is ready to be shipped, Steves key atm is to
> devices right away without having people to wait and without giving
> competitors
> time to interact. iPhone4's video-call was a must have due to Nokia
having it
> officialy supported with PR1.2 and the public knowing about it month
> release.
> I dont know what Nokia is waiting for?! Few years ago I started
> stuff. From pens to mobilephones, just for myself but perfection hits
> when I have pencil and paper in my hands (1998 buildings and furniture,
> 2000 mobilephones and cars, 2005 kitchens and so on).
> Now Nokia missed the train to jump on... Steve finaly hit the market
> a device that actualy has good hardware and sells features as inovative
> which have been on Nokia devices before he even thought about it.
> Nokia missed out on advertising big time.

I just want to focus on this because it speaks to engagement, my hot
button du jour.

Apple has elected to zero in on a select fanatic demographic and that's
actually very easy.  All they have to do is accept that they won't manage
much more than 20% of any market with that approach but I believe that's
exactly what Steve wants: cater to that segment, craft a clear message
and sell the $#|+ out of narrowly-defined products and services.

Companies like Nokia, Microsoft, HP et al want the other 80%.  That's
easy to start but hard to sustain as the market matures.  Ultimately your
level of service becomes as important as or more important than your hard
product.  This is where Nokia is falling is falling short (so is
Microsoft, but not HP).  Part of my last job with Nokia was in improving
service levels and when you're at the tail end of the product development
and distribution it's like pushing rope.

But to your point-- mindshare is important too of course.  One way to
overcome the hazards of fighting for that 80% is by crafting a really
compelling message and supporting it with clever advertising that
resonates with your targets.  I've never seen Nokia manage that, and it's
a mystery why not.  Why is it other companies can hire agencies who pull
off amazing ads that stick in the minds of potential customers but Nokia
can't?  Won't?

In case no one has ever seen this example, watch the video below (a
former US Superbowl commercial).  It's the sort of thing that people talk
about long after the ad's last airing.


Oh, and IMO Nokia giving up the Nokia Theatre near where I live (Dallas;
it's now VERIZON Theatre) is just another stupid example of Nokia giving
up mindshare.


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