[maemo-community] Brainstorm meeting - minutes, decisions, food for thought

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Jun 25 12:55:01 EEST 2010

First, thanks for following up on this.

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> As I was on holiday, how widely publicised was the meeting?

Both Talk and mailing list notice of meeting, 2 days before. We did run
into our usual meeting problem - the Finnish offices tend to start
emptying around 4pm local time, which is 3pm French time, 2pm Irish
time, 9am Eastern US, and 6am Western US. Niels recommends that if we
want buy-in from Finnish attendees, we shuold hold the meetings at 10am
Finish time (which is bed-time for the US). I don't know how we can
solve this issue, aside from asking Finns to stay late, or ask others to
get into work early or get up in the middle of the night.

> I didn't see a council blog post advertising it, nor do I see an official blog
> post containing these minutes. How much lead time was there? Were the
> wiki pages being updated as people came up with ideas?

I updated most of the wiki pages a few days before, and the rest before
the meeting.

> I know I didn't get buy in for the suggestion of clearer
> communication, but it's now been over two weeks since this
> prioritisation meeting.

Actually, let me quote directly from the meeting about that:
Jun 02 15:01:29 <dneary>        "Community workings" -> what isn't
working about the way we work, and how to fix it
Jun 02 15:01:45 <dneary>        A rich topic, with lots to say, and a
hard one to resolve
Jun 02 15:02:07 <X-Fade>        dneary: Plan a meeting separately for
that topic?
Jun 02 15:02:19 <dneary>        Sure, but who'd turn up? ;)

There is agreement that the way the Maemo project works is not optimal,
and we need to address it.

It seems clear having a sprint meeting to address it isn't the answer :)

> Can we see, please, from the people who committed to the tasks:
>    1) When each of their tasks is expected to be completed.
>    2) A series of milestones from now until that ETA.
>    3) What areas other people can participate and assist in.
>    4) What dependencies there are on the tasks (servers,
>       people, processes etc)

For my part:

> wiki (Dave?)
>   * Categorise by OS
>   * Tidy up (emphasise current versions; de-duplication)
>   * Talk -> Wiki process
>   * Collect Maemo 5 Use cases

* Categorise pages by OS
 -> There are 1165 content pages in the Maemo wiki now
 -> For each page, need to ensure that the categories are set for the OS
version which applies.
 -> Many pages document what to do for several versions. This is fine -
label the page with several categories.

* Tidy up
 -> Once pages are in the right category, portal pages which isolate
pages which apply only to older versions and a reduction in the number
of links to pages which only apply to older OS versions should improve
things overall for webpage indexing of newer content.
 -> "De-duplication" is really BAU. When we see several pages with
similar information, we merge & edit them. There are a number of
redundant/overlapping pages which are quite tricky to merge.
 -> Want to make sure that the "edit new page" page first checks for
similar pages to reduce creation of duplicate pages

* Talk->Wiki process
 -> Want to have a "wikify this" button for individual talk entries that
people can add as a wiki page. Combine with the modifications to the
edit page to help keep things tidy, but we will also likely need a
growing wiki editor team to handle the influx of new content.

* Maemo 5 use-cases
 -> Didn't really get much response when launched, I'd like to re-launch
this effort and try to build up a set of code samples to solve real
problems before Maemo 5 gets superceded by Harmattan.

As you can see, apart from one or two things which require access to
infrastructure, anyone can help with any of these tasks, and I would
really like to see that happen. There are no major dependencies - except
the "wikify this post" button will need some changes to Talk (and there
was some disagreement on whether it would be useful).

> Planet & News (bergie?)
>   * View comments (expandable) in Planet
>   * Include tweets/identica/qaiku in social news
>> Basically no suggestions for news & planet outside of planned Nemein work
> This planned Nemein work should also be on this roadmap for visibility purposes.

Yes, the two bullet points are higher level tasks which bergie proposed.


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