[maemo-community] Council nomination: Stephen Gadsby

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Wed Mar 3 16:52:56 EET 2010
I second what Tim said!  Let's just install him.  :D

Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

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  I second this nomination. My opinion is also that Stephen should just
  be elected by default, but that's not in the rules.




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  > I would like to nominate Stephen Gadsby to the Maemo Council.
  > Finding people to contribute to open source projects can be hard,
  finding people
  > to work with bugs in open source projects is harder, and finding
  people who hang
  > around and continue to work with bugs in an open source project is
  really hard.
  > sgadsby has been doing this for a while, has the second highest
  karma after
  > qgil, and has been deeply involved in the maemo community for a
  while. I think
  > he would be an excellent council member.
  > Jeremiah
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