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From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Wed Mar 3 20:12:16 EET 2010

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> Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 19:44:33 +0200
>Another pressing question as I see it, you talk about automatic bug
> search and and offer the user to comment or vote on an existing one if
> a match is found. I've seen alot of bug tools in my time trying to do
> to the same, I have to say that the matching algorithm usually works
> when the user scores exactly to the same wording or set of words, and
> in my experience the bugs that were suggested to me as already
> existing were not such that my discovered issue was compatible with,
> so I had to manually ignore the bug search and enter a new bug by its
> own.
> Are there any developments on this that I am not aware of yet? I'd be
> happy to learn about them, as I am not an expert on automatic
> reporting tools.
> Sivan

It's a given that this can't reasonably be 100% foolproof.  Some judgment will be necessary.  I'm thinking that the fuzzy search function will return a LIST of likely candidates that the user can examine (the more detail entered, the shorter the list should be).  It would be "ugly" to return everything at once, so a simple title list with each candidate hyperlinked back to a summary and possibly full details is what I was thinking.

And of course something like this is just a helpful feature and should not be considered the end-all.  Users should still be able to disregard the list and create a new bug as an option no matter what, with the expectation that the bugmaster will exercise the usual judgment afterward as part of his or her role.

Speaking of which, I just specifically added Andre Klapper in the hopes he can offer his expertise.


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