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From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Thu Mar 4 15:52:38 EET 2010
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> Hi,
> ext Randall Arnold wrote:
> > Thanks Attila!  I just uploaded a more recent update to the PDF
> > (http://maemo-daemons.org/MeeGo_User_Experience_Framework.pdf)
> > based on helpful feedback so far.
> Some comments on the bug reporting thing.
> We already have Crash reporter which collects crashes.
> Creating automated bug reports from crashes isn't useful because:
> * Users don't write detailed enough use-case descriptions
>      to the crash uploads.  It's slightly too inconvenient to
>      do that with the device.
> * Bugs are related to use-cases, not crashes.  Without a reproducible
>      use-case, bugs are usually worthless as you cannot even verify
>      potential fixes to them i.e. tell when the issue is fixed.
> Telling for which _already existing_ bug crash is related to is
> useful though and Crash reporter already supports that for (internal)
> bugs. Due to screen size constraints bug number is given as a keyword
> in note field instead of there being a separate field for it though.
> There are going to be some updates to Crash reporter soon so that user
> can select which bugs to upload (so that unrelated core dumps can be
> uploaded separately or ignored).
> Crash reporting isn't currently targeted for normal users
> for few reasons:
> * Crash dumps are large and can contain private information
>      (like passwords).  Hopefully in Harmattan we can can use
>      minidumps that contain only enough information for backtraces,
>      not all the process data.
> * Installing syslog means that user's rootfs can run out of space
>      if the log file grows too large (syslog is run as root).  Syslog
>      can also contain private information (user names etc).
> * Crash dumps in heavily loaded device will make the situation
>      worse (whole crashing process needs to be swapped in for core
>      dump etc).
>     - Eero

Thanks for the information Eero.  However, I'm looking to overcome the issues you cite rather than just accept them as inescapable.

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