[maemo-community] [Bugsquad] Bugday in March: Prefered time & topic?

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Thu Mar 4 17:58:14 EET 2010

this mail was cross posted to the testingsquad-list.

Am 02.03.2010 14:39, schrieb Andre Klapper:
> Heja maemo.org Bugsquad and community,
> time for a second Bugday which means hanging out together on IRC,
> triaging some reports, and introducing potentially interested folks into
> triaging.
> For the Bugsquad members, please feel free to share when you probably
> will have time between March 10-17: http://doodle.com/t4zkwnkbinf34r45 .
> No obligations. :-)
> I plan to close this poll by March 8 (Monday).
> After having agreed on a date I'm going to announce it on the lists, the
> planet and the forum...
> Another question: Do we want to have a topic?
> GeneralAntilles proposed to concentrate on bugs with status UNCONFIRMED
> that do not have an Alias field "int-xxxxxx" set (such an Alias field
> means that there is an internal copy of this report, hence Nokia is
> aware of the problem).
> "Yes", "No", and other proposals welcome.
> For general information, see http://wiki.maemo.org/Bugsquad .
> andre

maybe this is also a relevant information for the members of the 
testing-squad mailing list?

I also made a wiki page for bugdays [1]. There is not much information 
yet but feel free to add more content. :)

Ciao Uwe

[1] http://wiki.maemo.org/Bugs:Bugdays

Uwe Kaminski

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