[maemo-community] Validity criteria for bugtrackers and bugtrackers links

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Mar 9 00:19:27 EET 2010
On Monday 08 March 2010 21:30:50 Valerio Valerio wrote:
> What about www.google.com ? seems the same for me :).

It isn't the same because there is no way to enter a bug report.  However, I 
would allow it.  If someone makes that their bugtracker then they are saying 
they are not interested in bugs.  Nothing we can do can make them interested 
in bugs so at least if they do that they are being more honest than someone 
who opens a maemo bugzilla product and then completely ignores it.

The rule should be that the developer has thought about it and put something 
in.  There should be recommendations for best practice.  That is all we need.

> That could work if that project has a product at bugzilla or a specific
> thread at TMO(generaly they don't have), but don't you think it will be
> hard to find ?

In bugzilla?  No.  In t.m.o?  People would just create new threads, which 
might be exactly what the developer prefers.

> That will only leads to general confusion among the newcomers and a lot of
> bugs filled in the wrong products at bugzilla.

General confusion -- probably.  Wrong products -- unlikely.  Again, what a 
developer who chooses to just put bugs.maemo.org is saying is that he has 
chosen to ignore the recommendation and is probably not very interested in 
bugs.  Nothing we do can make him interested in the bugs so if he doesn't 
want to make it easy for people to report them at least it saves them wasting 
their time.

Like other quality issues, the issue is likely to be commented on by a 
reviewer and reflected in any ratings.  That is the real pressure on the 
developer, not the QA process.

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