[maemo-community] MeeGo Metrics and Reporting

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Wed Mar 10 20:13:48 EET 2010

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> Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 19:07:27 +0100
> tero.kojo at nokia.com wrote:
> > One question that came to my mind is the lower level metrics.
> > Is there a need to see some rough metrics on the server performance level?
> > I'm personally interested in those, but is there a wider interest?
> I've been gathering quite a bit of performance data from servers
> recently and I'd be delighted to help set up i/o, memory, network &
> processor performance monitoring scripts using sar, vmstat, iostat,
> iotop and more. I'd be happy to suggest some basic monitoring scripts as
> well as help interpret them.
> I would definitely be interested in tracking server load & trying to
> figure out where the bottlenecks are if we start to see loads on servers
> over 1 or 2 all the time.
> Cheers,
> Dave.
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Server health is definitely useful to publicly report (I would recommend a dashboard) based on prior maemo.org member feedback... both ongoing and in the way of outage alerts.

I can add that to the metrics.  I have a feeling this is what Dawn may have meant by "performance and error metrics".

By the way thanks Dave for your additions and formatting work.


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