[maemo-community] Encouragement to council candidates

From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri Mar 12 18:59:24 EET 2010

Valerio Valerio wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 4:43 PM, Tim Samoff <tim at samoff.com
> <mailto:tim at samoff.com>> wrote:
>     Why have there been no maemo.org <http://maemo.org> Blog
>     announcements about this? Or, have I missed something?
> That's not council business IMO, but  Dave promote the discussion in the
> most appropriate places IMO, other did the same in some social networks,
> so there's no excuse like: I didn't know about the elections :D

Maybe. The former Councils never shied away from making announcements, 
though. It is, imho, part of the job. And, honestly, p.m.o is much more 
visible to maemo/MeeGo community members than this list or Twitter.

>     Honestly, the lack of maemo.org <http://maemo.org> blog posts from
>     the current Council has been a little disappointing. I know that
>     some Council members use their own blogs (which is fine), but I've
>     really been missing "official" news via maemo.org <http://maemo.org>
>     this term. Just imo, of course.
> I blame the blog software there ;), that is very limited IMO, thus takes
> a lot of more time to write something, at least in my case, in the end
> the propose is the same since our blogs are syndicated in planet.

Sure, sure, but... The former Councils never had a problem dealing with 
the inadequacies.


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