[maemo-community] Imagine the MeeGo council (was Re: Encouragement to council candidates)

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 12 23:16:08 EET 2010
We better make a strong Maemo council election before discussing deeply the MeeGo council. Still, the discussion is worth to prepare current candidates and voters.

> actually we have: Nokia --> Quim Gil --> Council (5 Maemo members)

> I would expect now: (Nokia + Intel) --> Community Leader (Quim? he

Actually it's not like this. Even if today it might look that way, I beet the picture will be already different by the time a first MeeGo council election eventually comes.

MeeGo is a Linux Foundation project that is pushed initially by Nokia and Intel, who put a big amount of developers, infrastructure and work together to create a free Linux mobile platform. Other organizations and individuals may start contributing, get responsibilities, areas of ownership and eventually make it to leading positions in working groups and the Technical Steering Group. 

All this is a meritocratic structure, and it could benefit from a complementary democratic structure. For instance (and I'm improvising here) imagine that the chair of the MeeGo community council would sit in the TSG during the "mandate" period.

> would be fine :) ) ---> MeeGo Council (2-3 people from Maemo + 2-3
> people from Moblin). In this way we would be sure that both
> communities have a strenght representation in the Council. Of course
> it would be fine too, if in those 2-3 people we would have 1
> @nokia.com and 1 @intel.com....

First why the middlemen like nowadays myself. Once bootstrapped, MeeGo will be an open project in a way Maemo has never been. No NDAs will be needed to operate in MeeGo and define the roadmaps and strategy. The role of the council in this sense needs to be repurposed.

Second, why perpetuating Maemo and Moblin communities. As soon as there is a MeeGo architecture, a MeeGo API and MeeGo devices a new community will flourish. Now all this feels like a departure and a break, but I'm personally so sure that by the end of this year all you N900 users will just feel part of the MeeGo community, feeling Maemo as some kind of motherland identity embedded and not in conflict with MeeGo. I know well because this is how I feel already today, after some time working for this project and a good grasp of how life in the MeeGo project is going to be once code, releases and web spaces are deployed.

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