[maemo-community] Community council election debates/grillings and promotion

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Mar 17 11:13:53 EET 2010
On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 04:54, Sanjeev (EIPI)
<mobiletabletsblog at gmail.com> wrote:
> However, I could expand upon your questionnaire approach, and that
> would also suit my personal time constraints as well.
> Candidates - would you be kind enough to respond to this email by
> tomorrow with your willingness to participate in this 'debate'
> process?

I agree that a live debate won't necessarily be easy (or probably
constructive) and that a questionnaire approach would be best. I'd
suggest that although a lot of the questions would be shared, specific
questions for specific candidates would be useful and follow-ups if a
candidate has dodged a question.

I also wonder if there's value in gathering the responses and then
publishing them in one go - anything else may lead to group-think.

Anyway, I'm in :-)



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