[maemo-community] Suggestion for election instructions

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Mar 18 00:51:00 EET 2010
Hi all,

I've had to "do a mulligan" on election email instructions in the past, and have gotten some comments that the instructions were sub-optimal.

Could people give me some feedback on the following instructions email, please?


Possible criticisms & the trade-offs involved:
* It'd be nice to have a list of candidates, but that does make the mail a lot longer
* Electioninstructions are OK, I think - does anyone have suggestions for improvement?
* Including candidacy statements: Not a fan. If listing the candidates makes the email long, then including declarations makes it too long.

Any other bits of feedback or suggestions, or is this good to send out next weekend?

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