[maemo-community] carrier credit control application for Indian Carriers

From: Amit Sethi amit.pureenergy at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 19 16:00:43 EET 2010
Hi  ,
I just bought  an n900 and tried to use it with Indian Carriers as far as I
can see almost everything works fine.

In India we have a prepaid system of paying to the mobile carrier service
provider . In most other devices I have
used after any usage I used to get a message telling me my  current balance
. I say message but it definitely doesn't use
the sms protocol . I really don't know what protocol or system this uses .
But this seems to be a client side(subscriber side)
for something called Diameter Credit-Control Application[1] . Now is the
problem of device or the carrier. I am not able to understand
can somebody put some light on it .

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