[maemo-community] Maemo Community Council election results

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Wed Mar 31 17:10:51 EEST 2010

congratulation to the new council and also a big thanks to everybody who 
was willing to do the job! :)

Am 31.03.2010 13:25, schrieb Dave Neary:
> The Q1 2010 Maemo Community Council election is closed, and the results
> are in:
> 	http://maemo.org/vote/results.php?election_id=9

Excuse me, but is it possible to bring the list in a human readable 
format containing _only_ the information needed to understand why a 
candidate is elected? If all the values are necessary to understand who 
is the new council and why it seems to be too complex. :)

What I understand is:
* Who is in the council (but only because there is a note below the table)
* How many community members voted:

> For information, there were 399 votes out of an electorate of 3485,
> giving a turnout of 11.45%, compared to the last election, where there
> were 303 votes out of an electorate of 2339, or a turnout of 12.95%.

But I don't get the point how the votings are calculated.

Thanks for any explanation,

Uwe Kaminski

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