[maemo-community] Sprint meeting this month - and beyond?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed May 5 14:53:31 EEST 2010

tero.kojo at nokia.com wrote:
> If it makes sense to the community sure. I would guess that a thread on tmo will get more attention and ideas in.

And on the general idea of thinking about the greater significance of
MeeGo for Maemo, and setting some shorter term goals for Maemo based on

Specifically, a few people have mentioned to me that you're not really
sure where they're expected to be right now - MeeGo seems to be in early
stages and doesn't present many opportunities to get hands dirty yet,
and Maemo seems to have been somewhat abandoned (strong word, but it's
what I've heard) by Nokia - we're not hearing much of anything about
Harmattan, except that "it will be MeeGo", and MeeGo seems to be where
most of the Nokia effort is being directed now.

I think that we need to address these perceptions, and either correct
them (with words & actions) or admit them, and come up with a coherent
narrative for people who are wondering what they do now.


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