[maemo-community] Sprint meeting this month - and beyond?

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed May 5 15:50:20 EEST 2010

Dave wrote:
> Hi,
> tero.kojo at nokia.com wrote:
> > If it makes sense to the community sure. I would guess that a thread
> on tmo will get more attention and ideas in.
> And on the general idea of thinking about the greater significance of
> MeeGo for Maemo, and setting some shorter term goals for Maemo based on
> that?

Putting our minds in MeeGo centric mode helps. From this perspective it is much easier to organize maemo.org related tasks.

Maemo ends with Maemo 5, as explained at the MeeGo launch. In principle maemo.org will not cover any Harmattan related content published by Nokia. We might have some exceptions but we will make our best to find a better home for anything brought by us beyong Maemo 5.

> Specifically, a few people have mentioned to me that you're not really
> sure where they're expected to be right now - MeeGo seems to be in early
> stages and doesn't present many opportunities to get hands dirty yet,

Can you provide specific examples? 

Anyway, even if things look that way right now in few weeks we have release, then starts the October release process at full public speed, then MeeGo Conference... The current situation and perceptions will change.

> and Maemo seems to have been somewhat abandoned (strong word, but it's
> what I've heard) by Nokia

This doesn't mean abandonment: we are committed to keep funding the maemo.org bills. It does mean though (again, in my opinion) more maintenance than creation of new things. Cool ideas for maemo.org can be better invested in meego.com. Or put it in other way, how much do we gain by pushing something to maemo.org that mights be pushed in a different way in meego.com? meego.com is the site with clear future projection and whatever your agendas are you'd better push them there.

> - we're not hearing much of anything about
> Harmattan, except that "it will be MeeGo", and MeeGo seems to be where
> most of the Nokia effort is being directed now.

> I think that we need to address these perceptions, and either correct
> them (with words & actions) or admit them, and come up with a coherent
> narrative for people who are wondering what they do now.

As said, it is easier to address perceptions based on concrete examples and concerns. All the better if they are directly related to maemo.org development work.

I would also prefer to discuss this in the forum. There is where some of the most vocal, critical, brilliant and Maemo-centric people can be found.

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