[maemo-community] Sprint meeting this month - and beyond?

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu May 6 12:01:10 EEST 2010

ext Dave Neary wrote:
> This is the bug: http://bugs.meego.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1145

Thanks, and I commented there as well. The interesting detail is that
elliot (the bug reporter) is also an Intel employee. And I'm a Nokia
employee and I don't know more details about that question than you.

> For example: http://forum.meego.com/showthread.php?t=100 - Ibrahim
> didn't really answer my question, and now on this particular question
> I'm waiting & hoping that the Linux Foundation counsel is considering
> the right question.

Commented as well. And again I don't know more than you. Note that The
Linux Foundation =! Intel or Nokia. I was also asking them (and Ibrahim
specifically, in the Collaboration Summit) to be more transparent and
active in the community channels.

As you see, this is not as simple as a we/them or community/corporations

> And if every time I get an answer I say "excuse me, that answer wasn't
> really satisfying, can I have another?" I will get very annoying very
> quick, and I don't want to be annoying.

What about distributing annoyance? I'm sure that if you ask around some
people will think that I'm annoying too (the polite word for it is
perhaps "impatient").  :)

For instance, http://wiki.meego.com/Community_working_group#Structure is
getting slowly filled with volunteers, and that helps knowing who wants
to dedicate their attention to a specific area. But still the big list
of names sits in the "non-aligned" group at

Balancing annoyance with commitment always helps. For instance, you have
taken the horns of the karma debate and this is very good. Keep your
grips there until it gets resolved, no matter how annoying that might be
felt by some. And conclude the task.

I know some of you are trying (Dave, texrat, lbt) and yes it takes more
patience and perseverance than it should. But it's not wasted time. You
are helping others learning and getting used to community dynamics in a
way and intensity you are used, but not everybody is used.

And I for one Thank You for that.

> In interface design there's a term I like a lot called "affordance".

Nice analogy! Please file bugs against "unaffordable" lack of affordance
in community efforts and assign them to me. I'll do my best to get them

Quim Gil
open source advocate
MeeGo Devices @ Nokia
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