[maemo-community] Cannot import docs directly into wiki.maemo.org

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue May 11 12:32:27 EEST 2010

Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
>> I explained that the steps were:
>> His response was, "that's not something you should be doing on a 
>> production server" (which is, pretty much, what I said a couple of 
>> weeks ago).
> Why is this something you shouldnto do? And how this is different
> from what you have been doing with all our documents in wiki (like
> developer guide and those tutorials you already imported)?

I will try to explain again - hopefully Niels will be able to explain
better than me.

Rule number one of production servers: Install no software which is not
absolutely necessary.

Rule number two of production servers: Test every change you make before

Rule number three of production servers: Don't ever, ever bypass
applications when writing data to an application data store.

Your proposal breaks all three rules - installing the toolchain (plus
its dependencies) brings a number of project-specific packages onto the
server, plus their dependencies. Importing directly onto the server
could have unforeseen consequences, and we won't have tested them. And
your tools write directly into the mediawiki database, rather than using
the dump/load tools shipped with the mediawiki server.

I hope it is clear now why I felt uncomfortable about this a few weeks
ago, and why Niels also feels uncomfortable with this.

When I did a previous import (which, you will recall, did not happen
correctly), I ran the maemodoc-tools import in a local mediawiki
instance, and then exported those pages from that instance using
mediawiki's provided tools, before re-importing them via the MediaWiki
import interface.

Daniel did all of the imports previous to this, and he tells me that he
also went through this intermediate step every time.

> You can import our documents into which MediaWiki service you like
> but you have to use our toolchain. If you are able to properly
> export-import same docs from this middle wiki to Maemo.org wiki that
> is fine for me also but I just do not understand why you want to do
> it in so complicated way.

My question is how to do this "proper" export. Do you know how to handle
the image files and other issues you mentioned previously?


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