[maemo-community] Listing all running applications

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue May 11 13:50:52 EEST 2010
Hi Pallavi,

Pallavi Kandhare wrote:
>     Hi Dave,
>     I want to write the code in Maemo which would list all *_running_*
>     applications in the system.First of all, is there any API available
>     for the same?

What do you mean by running? It looks like /proc fulfills that
requirement. Alternatively, perhaps you just want all graphical
applications (those shown by the task switcher).

>     I too didnt find the source code of Task manager.

It will be in


(the TODO here mentions the task switcher)

A bit of looking & grepping for switcher in the tree releals some
promising functions. Esp. in src/mb.

It looks like the task switcher queries X for a list of top-level windows.


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