[maemo-community] Displaying the info of the MMC card and the phone memory

From: Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik ruskie at codemages.net
Date: Wed May 12 10:46:42 EEST 2010
:2010-05-11T20:51:Pallavi Kandhare:

> Hi All
> I want to write code in Maemo for the foll: 
> 1. Displaying the information of the MMC card and the phone memory 
> (ie. used space, free space)

df - see source or look at how to access disk info on GNU/Linux

> 2. On mobile certain aplications are running at a time. (ed. clock, calender etc). Find out and list all these applications.

ps ax or top or htop - again see sources or look at how to access things
through /proc on GNU/Linux

It's all the same as on a desktop GNU/Linux system with regards to this.

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