[maemo-community] Minutes from community meeting today

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon May 17 18:43:10 EEST 2010
Hi all,

We had the community meeting (not a sprint meeting as such, more a
brainstorm about where we're at, how we're working, how we can set goals
and work better), and I think it was useful. Here are the minutes. The
main conclusion is that we are going to run a 7 day brainstorm to help
set some priorities for the community and specifically for the council &
staff for the next 6 months.

These are minutes, and of course a lot of things were said that are not
in here. X-Fade has put the full IRC log online at:


Maemo Team Meeting 17/5/10 minutes

Chair: Andrew Flegg
Secretary: Dave Neary


1. Review of progress over the past year of maemo.org team (open discussion)
2. Setting priorities for next 3 months for the community - not
micro-tasks, but larger goals
3. Allocation of ownership & co-ordination responsibilities within these
tasks to members of the maemo.org team
4. A full & frank discussion of the impact of the MeeGo project on the
short-term goals of Maemo
5. AOB


Maemo Community Council: Jaffa, GAN900, javispedro, Texrat (GAN only
sort of here)
maemo.org staff: Andre, Dave, Niels, Karsten, Carsten, Henri, Ferenc,
Alexey (from Nemein)
Nokia: Daniel Wilms
Maemo community: Many others - total attendance ~45.

Nick legend:
Jaffa: Andrew Flegg
GAN900: Ryan Abel
javispedro: Javi Pedro
Texrat: Randall Arnold
X-Fade: Niels Breet
dneary: Dave Neary
Stskeeps: Carsten Munk
bergie: Henri Bergius
JimiDini: Alexey

1. Review of progress (general discussion)

• Small progress constantly being made, but no real concerted effort to
target big goals over the past year
• Sprint meetings became checklist meetings where broader discussion was
ruled off-topic (and often status updates were quite vague - no
transparency or accountability for late/deferred tasks)
• Not much demand or agenda coming from Maemo community - maemo.org
staff feel like they have to set their own agendas
• Proposal that 6 month arcs where we relaunch and reprioritise bigger
goals, perhaps synced with council terms, would work well
• maemo.org backlog is perceived as being owned by maemo.org staff &
Nokia - people aren't sure if they're welcome to add tasks there
• ACTION: Maemo Community Council to provide constructive feedback to
maemo.org staff after the meeting: Jaffa

2. Six-month priorities for project:
• X-Fade: maemo.org in 6 months should be in a stable state where we can
live with it being like that forever, and it can support Maemo users who
don't want to move to MeeGo
• Jaffa: Things done in next 6 months should have a long-term benefit to
maemo.org or be transferrable to MeeGo
• bergie: SSO, transitioning Downloads to come from Packages
• dneary: How does/should MeeGo affect the Maemo agenda? GAN900: That's
unclear for now
• Stskeeps: Think of MeeGo as a child of Maemo & Moblin - what should we
do as responsible parents?
• ACTION: Run a 1 week brainstorm similar to 100Days for the next 6
months agenda: dneary
• Likely priorities for next 6 months: SS0, Products interface
• Suggestion from Jaffa: "once tasks are assigned; after the brainstorm
should we say: 1) Monthly blog posts (syndicated to planet) or emails
(which can be consolidated by the council into one blog post) for each
task; and a biweekly (i.e. every 2 weeks) catch-up meeting"
3. maemo.org team workflow
• There is a feeling that reporting is still not good
• BAU tasks take so much time that there is often not time to add new
tasks (X-Fade)
• Bergie: We just had a 2 day hackfest with X-Fade on the Packages
interface. Jaffa: How can you complain about lack of community input
when such things happen in the background?
• Monthly reports are not sufficient - reports tend to be too fuzzy to
allow for delegation - tasks get bundled up to "Progress slow" or "Not
finished yet" (dneary)
• "I spend over 2 hours a day reading forums, email, blogs, tweets,
keeping up with all the information cuts into work time" (X-Fade)
• For accountability, regular questions on mailing lists should work -
dneary. "Except requests for information go unanswered" (Jaffa)
• Discussion on the effectiveness of sprint page + qaiku - dneary: No
idea how many people visit qaiku or the sprint page daily. Mailing lists
& forums better indicator of activity. X-Fade: I report on Qaiku -
people can link to that from wherever they want. dneary: When there are
4 places where people can report progress, it's easy to miss reporting.
Jaffa: We use jira at work, and when I'm travelling I expect it to be up
to date.
• "I would much prefer using Bugzilla to track TODOs and use mailing
lists to brainstorm & get feedback & update proposals" - dneary

4. Running the brainstorm
• Create threads per part of maemo.org in forums
• Advertise the brainstorm widely (blog, news, mailing lists) with link
to Talk threads
• Synthesis discussion & proposals from threads in wiki pages
• ACTION: Create initial threads & announcements (dneary)

5. Effect of MeeGo on Maemo agenda

General agreement that it was early to say what the effect of MeeGo
might have on Maemo.

ACTION: Community Council to contact Tero Kojo to ask about future
maemo.org maintenance budget (Jaffa)

6. AOB

ACTION: dneary to produce minutes, X-Fade to publish IRC log

maemo.org docsmaster
Email: dneary at maemo.org
Jabber: bolsh at jabber.org

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