[maemo-community] Maemo Meeting: Tuesday, 9 November, 18:00 UTC

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> Hi everyone,
> 2. MeeGo Conference is coming up quickly. It's organizing itself rather
> sufficiently, but there is another side of the conference that we
> haven't really discussed yet: MeeGo from a Maemo Perspective... We need
> to discuss what we, as the m.o Community, can do to communicate the
> conference to the greater m.o community.

That is a good point. I believe the conference will make a splash in the Maemo relevant channels, but making sure is important. A lot of prominent Maemo community members do blog, twitter and show up elsewhere, but making sure that the Maemo specific channels, talk, news and so forth, are updated is important too.

And naturally the opposite. There are a lot of long time contributors having sessions at the conference, and I am sure that their heritage from Maemo can be heard in the talks. Even as MeeGo is a brand new start, it has learned and continues to listen to its origins.

> 5. maemo.org 2011: the current state of our website and web-based
> community and where it goes next? This doesn't have to be a full-
> fledged
> conversation, but the end of the year is coming up and we should begin
> to think about it.

I think community SSU should be brought to the table. That is one important thing that has started taking wind beneath its wings and can make a real difference to end users.

> That's all for now. I hope you can make it to the meeting.

Dreadfully sorry, but Tuesday evenings just don't work for me.


> See you soon in Dublin,
> Tim


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