[maemo-community] Maker's Contest: Lollipop bridge

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Sat Nov 6 16:35:27 EET 2010
Hi all,

So - with a week to go, here are the details of the Maker's Contest I'll
be running on Saturday after the Linux dev tools tutorial:

Teams will be made up of 3 - 5 people, depending on how many people are
taking part. We're limited (by equipment) to 10 teams.

Each team will get 100 lollipop sticks and a glue gun with one glue
stick (US plug, please if you have a US to UK adaptor bring it along
with you on Saturday). No other materials may be used for the bridge.

Teams will have 1 hour to make a bridge which should span a 40cm gap.

I don't have any prizes right now, but there will be awards (at least
I'll get someone to buy the winning teams a beer) for the prettiest
bridge, and for the bridge which can hold the greatest weight.

Obviously we'll judge the pretty bridge contest first ;)

Bridge resistance testing equipment still needs to be sourced! Ideally I
would like a bucket, some rope & a strong tube (wavin or metal), which
we can hang off the middle of the bridge, and about 100kg of weights we
can use to break the things. Anyone in Dublin got what we need &
prepared to help out?

There are some excellent bridge building resources out there, and I'm
sure that there's more than one civil engineer among us who knows about
physical load balancing & materials who will be up to the challenge :)

The contest will start around 17.00 on Saturday, and after team
selection & set-up time, we'll start judging around 18:10 - we should be
finished by 18:30, in time to let everyone get to dinner & beers.

So - all of you top competitors out there who will be around on Saturday
evening, get reading! Bring plans! Get ready to convince team-mates
they're good! :)

See you all next week!


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