[maemo-community] Preparing for a session in Dublin, or care to do some renting for me? ; )

From: Sivan Greenberg sivang at gmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 28 03:05:49 EEST 2010
(forwarded after I sub'd to the mailing list)

Hi and sorry for the long email....

 As some of you know, I plan together with timeless to run a rather
unconventional session in Dublin. Unconventional because instead of us
just standing and talking, we are going to try and involve the
audience as much as possible.

 For a brief list of things that we would like to discuss and the
hopeful end result of the session, please see the abstract on the
conference site wiki[0].

I have been chatting to some of you on IRC lately and many provided
very good and important points for discussion. It'd be great if
anybody interested in this responds (to my personal email if he
prefers so for any reason) with his input. This is for gathering more
"seed" items for discussion, possibly from more veteran members of the
Maemo community.

And just as *important*, if you are coming to the talk, and you own a
couple of devices from a couple of vendors with hopefully different
operating systems, please bring them with you, the more, the merrier !
This would greatly help the "be in context" goal of this talk enabling
comparisons and design reference. NOTE: if the device is not a smart
phone per se but is a mobile computing related and there's something
you like about it and would like us to know- bring it along and speak

I'd like to thank Thomas Perl for already providing some very valuable
points and some account of his development experience, and also to
GAN900, DocScrutinizer, ShadowJK, and javispedro just for showing
interest. If I forgot anybody, please forgive me. I do appreciate the
great Maemo community as manifested to me through #maemo on freenode,
and I want us to be happy. And ever since I got there there's sadness
mixed with sarcasm in the air. Now although this caters for some
really great jokes, I think this can be improved and want to help it
happen. Hence the talk and this email.

I do believe (call me a dreamer) that with the result of the talk as
mentioned in the abstract, and with this becoming a recurring process,
we could become more happy and have things more suited and
satisfactory for us as a community.

I don't promise anything, but I promise to try. Oh, and one important
disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any company and doing this out of
my own volunteering spirit. Realizing Maemo and the successor MeeGo
are the only sane mobile open source approaches out there currently.
What they had achieved so far, still with all of its shortcomings
counted, is for me (call me naive) remarkable.

Looking forward for your feedback,


[0]: http://tinyurl.com/2dtzon9
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