[maemo-community] Banners on maemo.org

From: Jeremiah C. Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Mon Apr 18 00:00:14 EEST 2011
On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 03:17:49PM -0400, Sunny B wrote:
> Council has decided to allow a limited number banners on maemo.org for
> related projects.  There is already a banner for the 2011 Coding
> Competition.  A banner has been prepared for the Cordia project.  And
> council has approved the Community SSU for a third banner, although a banner
> has not yet been submitted for review.  The following set of rules are
> proposed to serve as guidance for those who might consider submitting a
> banner to maemo.org in the future.  Constructive comments on the rules are
> requested.
>    - Banner must be for a project with a clear and compelling purpose.

     How are you defining "compelling"? This seems like it will be easily misunderstood.

>    - The purpose of project must be related to Maemo or a maemo device.
>    - The project must maintain an online presence at maemo.org or own web
>    site.
>    - The project must be generally open source or open governance.

     "Generally"? Don't you mean "specifically"? What are you trying to avoid, 
     banning an app that requires paid support?

>    - The banner must not violate any trademark or copyright.

     You'll never be able to know for sure. You can only check if it has appropriate 
     copyright attribution and assume it is correct. (Plausible deniability is what 
     Maemo needs if there copyright claims against something you thought was okay.)

>    - The project agrees that maemo.org incurs no responsibility by posting
>    banner.

     How on earth are you going to absolve yourselves of responsibility for 
     posting the banner? In some European countries its been proposed that bloggers
     register with the government. What makes you think that the council or those 
     in charge of maemo.org won't be responsible for what they post on their web site?

>    - A maemo.org member in good standing must be designated as primary
>    contact.
>    - The project agrees to answer queries from Council regarding project.
>    - Banner may be removed at any time and for any reason by Council.

     So the council can remove anything they want, without supplying a reason, 
     but bears no responsibility?


     This sounds like military dictatorship in the Maghreb. 


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