[maemo-community] Proposal: code review process for community SSU

From: Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Date: Sun Feb 6 20:54:48 EET 2011
Hi Mohammad,

2011/2/6 Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh <mohammad7410 at gmail.com>:
> That commit is Matan's patch appled to the latest git repo of
> hildon-desktop, you can find the patch here:
> http://my.svgalib.org/770/n900/hd-2.2.141/mhd31.diff (Thanks Matan).
> Since .diff files don't hold git commit info, I'm not sure how else that
> patch could be applied.

The main problem with the patch is that it's big (and if I may say so,
also a bit messy). When Matan contributed some code to my project, I
asked him to rewrite the patches till they were of my liking, and he
was kind enough to do that. If he hadn't done that, I would have
either discarded the patches (if I was not interested in them) or
rewritten them myself.

> The second commit is one to blame on hildon-desktop's makefile not cleaning
> up properly, so it was left over after the source was built.

But why was it added to the git repository?
Anyway, both the issues above are just an example of things that I
would have commented on, if I had been given a chance to review the
code. No tragedy happened and they are not big issues, I see things
like that happening quite often in the projects I work on; what is
important is that if there are more eyes to watch over the
development, many mistakes can be corrected earlier.

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