[maemo-community] [COUNCIL NOMINATION] Robin Burchell (w00t)

From: Robin Burchell viroteck at viroteck.net
Date: Mon Mar 14 23:29:14 EET 2011
Hi Andrew (and community),

On 14/03/11 20:28, Andrew Flegg wrote:
> He would make an excellent member of the Community Council, and I hope
> he accepts this nomination.

I'd like to thank you very much for the nomination. It put a smile on my 
face to see this, and I'm very humbled to have such a variety of names 
seconding your request on twitter too (so thanks also to kathy, anidel, 
randall, and any others I've forgotten here).

I'm going to have to decline the nomination, though, a tl;dr version of 
why being that I simply don't have the time to do justice to this role. 
I will still be contributing to Qt and MaeGo just the same way as 
always, but I'd rather see someone with more time on their hands 
'leading the charge'.

Thanks very much for the consideration,

Robin Burchell
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