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From: Jeremiah C. Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Mon Mar 28 12:24:26 EEST 2011
On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 02:55:13PM -0700, Tim Samoff wrote:


I'd like to say to the Maemo Council, old and new, that there is an
excellent way to move Maemo forward. Not just as a legacy operating
system for Nokia devices, but even for newer devices. That way 
forward is through Debian. 

Debian has the advantage of being non-commercial and completely open
from beginning to end. It hosts infrastructure, build farms, mailing
lists and IRC which maemo.org can use. Most importantly, decisions
made in Debian will not be undermined by shifting commercial interests
that do not take into consideration the investment of individual

Many Debian developers have N900s and would be happy to see more Maemo
devs in their midst. There are also Debian developers who have joined
Maemo and contributed directly to Maemo since Maemo is buit on Debian,
so the two communities are linked. To strengthen that link, I'd like
to ask everyone on this list to participate here:

That is the entry place for Debian developers and users to get
involved in Maemo. I think the council has a responsibility to make
sure that page is up to date and well taken care of. I'm currently
listed as the contact person, but I think someone from the council
would be much better at that position. I kindly request that the council
consider taking on this responsibility.

I'd also like to ask the council members, in fact everyone from the
Maemo community, to consider joining the Debian-derivatives mailing
list. You can do so by going to the Debian Derivatives Front Desk:

I'm on that mailing list as is the current Debian Project Leader who
has worked very hard with other Debian Developers to create a vibrant
resource for derivatives to contribute to Debian and for Debian to
contribute to derivatives. This cooperation is very important and
works to enocurage the health of the overall Debian community.

Thanks for caring about Maemo and Open Source software in general and
I hope to see everyone on debian-derivatives.



> Hi everyone,
> Sorry for the delay in meeting minutes. I want to tank everyone who
> attended. As you'll see, the attendance list only includes those who
> are/were members of the Maemo Community Council. But, I really
> appreciate the others who graced us with their presence.
> This meeting ended up being almost two-hours long (one hour longer than
> intended and an hour after I had to leave). This being said, I don't
> know if I adequately included all of the important points from the
> meeting below. If you're interested, it would be best to read the
> meeting transcript[1] yourself.
> In Attendance...
> Outgoing Council:
> * Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
> * Tim Samoff (timsamoff)
> * Attila Chipa (achipa) - beginning at 1650 UTC
> Incoming Council:
> * Alan Bruce (qole)
> * RM Bauer (SD69)
> * Felipe Crochik (fcrochik)
> * Attila Chipa (achipa) - beginning at 1650 UTC
> Agenda/Notes:
> 1. Introductions
> * Call for new Council to choose a Chair (this will be accomplished this
> week via the council@ email address).
> 2. What was done during last term
> * The legal ownership of maemo.org was handed over to the community,
> with Nemein (Henri Bergius as main point of contact) managing it on our
> behalf. There are now only three members of the maemo.org team, all
> part-time. X-Fade (Niels Breet) webmaster; Andre Klapper (andre)
> bugmaster; Reggie Suplido (Reggie) talkmaster. Nemein have further
> budget which equates to one full time person.
> * The Council was involved in the sponsorship of people for the MeeGo
> Conference from a "handset" background.
> * The Council sponsored the Maemo 5 Community SSU; providing support &
> advice to MohammadAG; dealing with the thread on bugs.maemo.org and
> helping triage the bugs (j.mp/communityssu-bugs).
> * Passed on a refresh license change request queue request from
> DocScrutinizer & jonwil to Quim.
> * Asked Tero (tekojo) about maemo.org funding, given the concern voiced
> from the community after Feb 11th.
> * Held a brainstorm redux meeting with the maemo.org team to work out
> how the Maemo Brainstorm items were progressing.
> * More work on community bug reporting process, liaising with Qt
> maintainers around Qt versions in Extras-devel, and liaising with Forum
> Nokia folks who are doing Qt hotfixes.
> * Ramped up efforts to keep Council visible via Council blog on m.o.
> 3. What was not done during last term
> * Getting a handle on the maemo.org staff & Nemein. Despite committing
> to come up with a community involvement process (to help lighten their
> workload), it's often a black hole. Problems need to be chased sometimes
> to support at nemein.com email address to raise a ticket in their internal
> system.
> * Andre is still doing lots of work in Bugzilla triaging bugs both for
> the CSSU and Extras projects.
> * Niels is still helping to set up the Community OBS which can be used
> for MeeGo, Fremantle and Harmattan; but there's no clearly communicated
> plan for transitioning to it from the autobuilder, but the committed-to
> donations system for maemo.org/downloads hasn't been worked on at all;
> nor is there any documentation about the structure (AFAICT) of maemo.org.
> * Council/Community should have a root access process concerning admin
> and maintenance of maemo.org, but the details are still up in the air.
> * Council isn't involved in MeeGo Conf sponsorship decisions for SF in May.
> * Justify the Council (the new Council needs to figure out of they are
> the last Council or not; how the Q2 Council may differ from preceding ones).
> 4. Past Council reflections/comments
> * There's increasing pressure from the MeeGo community, and some
> Intelians, that Nokia *don't* get an exception to call Harmattan MeeGo.
> This might put a big spanner in the works for the Harmattan community.
> * Development and marketing of the CSSU needs to ramp up and become much
> more organized.
> * Thoughts about the Maemo Community shrinking over the next year or
> so... So, the Council will have to be quite vocal in organizing
> community efforts (site maintenance, app dev, etc.).
> 5. New Council comments/questions
> * Many questions about Council Chair, m.o root access, funded employees
> of m.o, CSSU, etc. Most of these questions are, as yet, unanswered.
> * Questions about "friendliness" and cooperation between Maemo and
> MeeGo, of which the outgoing Council answered "yes."
> * Talk of the Community OBS. X-Fade and lbt are the folks involved, and
> there've been some comms about it on meego-* mailing lists.
> * Comments about the Council taking on a bridging role between
> forum.meego.com and talk.maemo.org.
> * Has there been discussion about open source activities around next
> Nokia device? Not yet. There are two schools of thought - it's a
> dead-end, don't bother OR we can make it such a success that Nokia's
> board reconsiders their medium-term plans...
> * It will be tricky getting a centralized forum for the Harmattan
> community. It was hard enough with t.m.o. and the mailing lists, and no
> one has a clear vision about a "Harmattan Community." Should maemo.org
> just assume to be the place for the Harmattan community forum? Meego.com
> forums are a no-go, at least that was dawn/quim's stance a while back.
> The question is why exactly do we need another forum? Just because of
> the name? It might also become obvious once it's clear if harmattan will
> be "marketed" as Maemo 6, meego or something completely new.
> * Do we have any "hard figures" on how the community has changed since
> the beginning of Mmeego?
> * More questions about the maemo.org infrastructure and how it will
> continue. Neiman will play an important role in this.
> [1]
> http://mg.pov.lt/maemo-meeting-irclog/%23maemo-meeting.2011-03-26.log.html
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