[maemo-community] Harmattan & Maemo Community

From: Robin Burchell viroteck at viroteck.net
Date: Fri May 6 12:28:04 EEST 2011
On 06/05/11 10:21, Andrew Flegg wrote:
> In my opinion, the whole thing's a mess.

Well, that's a given. But at least that has been recognised and 
discussed to some extent. It won't all be fixable, but the damage can be 

> Developers asking questions about Qt will be answered on meego-*;
 > but asking about Qt Quick Components might be rejected as it's
 > "not part of MeeGo" (with MeeGo UX Components being preferred);

I really don't believe this can be the case, it is in both MeeGo's and 
Qt's interests to align themselves towards compatibility, and weak 
indications are that this is sort of happening. Perhaps some pointed 
questions need to be asked about that, though. Any volunteers want to 
start asking questions about API differences and why they exist? :)

> developers probably won't be welcome to discuss the intricacies of
 > deb packaging for Harmattan, but will be uploading source tarballs
 > for Debian packaging to COBS?

I may be wrong, but wasn't there a proposal to set up an OBS for 
maemo.org at some point?

Robin Burchell
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