[maemo-community] Harmattan & Maemo Community

From: Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 6 12:36:20 EEST 2011
On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Graham Cobb <g+770 at cobb.uk.net> wrote:

> In my mind the only way MeeGo would be a home for Harmattan might be if Nokia
> make "MeeGo" a major end-user marketing feature of the device (so, for
> example, app compatability becomes an interesting discussion point).
> Personally I don't think that is likely but we won't know until it ships.

Even if MeeGo was a major marketing feature, it has been communicated
that Harmattan specific stuff won't be welcome on meego mailing lists.
That is, it's not just a Nokia marketing decision.

Spiritually, I think Harmattan users are firmly in the "MeeGo
community" more than anything else, but those channels are just not
the most hospitable place for detailed device-specific technical
discussion. Forum Nokia (i.e. web forum) will be an endorsed
communication channel, but as it appears, forums are not very popular
among busy people.
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