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From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Mon May 16 21:15:15 EEST 2011
I will gladly second Attila's comments below.
(still top-posting in protest until I get completely off of Ovi)

From: Attila Csipa <maemo at csipa.in.rs>
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On Monday 16 May 2011 15:20:39 you wrote:
> It also needs to
> return changes back from Maemo to Debian to be in compliance with the GPL.
> There is a project for this called "DEX" and I strongly advise the council
> and all members of Maemo to look into it and participate. This project was
> created explicitly for Debian derivatives like Maemo. Canonical's CTO is
> actively moving patches from Ubuntu back to Debian through DEX. Maemo
> should do this too.

Just to clarify things - the Council is about maemo.org and the community 
built around it. It does not own or distribute Maemo (the OS), which was and 
is under the Nokia umbrella - and we definitely want to see as much of Maemo 
open and public as possible, even if with arguable outcome on that front. We 
also support and respect related distributions like Debian and want to keep 
the CSSU completely open and in full compliance with the GPL. It's another 
matter that most of these updates make little sense to upstream - they are 
mostly Maemo/mobile specific or are upstream to Debian itself. Another problem 
is that even with the open parts of Maemo, the maintainers are often Nokians 
who have moved on, so we have a bunch of patches/diffs that we will have a hard 
time explaining and rationalizing if we submit them to Debian. Don't get me 
wrong, personally I really wish to cooperate with Debian as much possible, but 
it's no trivial task and we're sadly way too short on manpower, so the only 
way I see serious movement there is for people to step up - and I believe they 
will have the Council's support for that.

Best regards,
Attila Csipa
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