[maemo-community] Coding competition 2011 - mass emailing

From: andrew at bleb.org andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Nov 9 23:41:09 EET 2011
It's not hostility, I thought we were having a forthright discussion amongst friends.

Although looking at some of the messages outside of this thread, there seemed to be a them/us separation; aiming ire at Ferenc for pointing out that sending 57,000 emails was a fairly Bad Idea (whether for server load, netiquette or plain common sense). Not his fault no-one thought about it before, is it?

Andrew Flegg  |  mailto:andrew at bleb.org -- http://www.bleb.org/On 09/11/2011 21:22 Michael Cronenworth wrote:
andrew at bleb.org wrote:
> Is there an easy way to delete the account? I don't think so. Some of these accounts are over 6 years old, and the user may have got rid of their 770 in the meantime.
> There has*never*  been an unfiltered email sent out, and to do so now would not be because it's the right thing to do, but because if a lack of foresight and planning of the votinng process.
> That's why having a filter is sensible. If my "karma decays" idea had been implemented, a threshold would tell you not only that someone had been active but whether it had been recently.

Where's all this hostility coming from? Read all of my messages.

You've just pissed me off for today, thanks. I'm done with this thread.
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