[maemo-community] Election Referendum

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 14 17:37:43 EEST 2011

There has been an inquiry about the text of the referendum put forth for the
upcoming election. The text of the referendum is repeated below. I will make
a few clarifying points.

The referendum does not require the next Council to change the governance
structure of the community in any specific, or even any unspecified, way. It
merely establishes that Council may change the governance to adapt to events
which have occurred since the current governance was established several
years ago. The most significant of these events is that, although Nokia
presently provides the infrastructure, it is no longer directly involved in
the community.

If the referendum is passed, council will no longer be a mere conduit
between the community and Nokia, but will have additional authority. This
increases the importance of the election of members to Council since they
will be in a position to reshape the community.

There has already been some related discussion on this ML, but I thought I
would post this given that the election starts in little more than a
week.  I don't see the maemo/meego discussions that occurred recently as
related to the referendum since MeeGo is maemo-based and derived open source
software.  The intent of the referendum was to pave the way for a fully
self-governing community and there is no reason that cannot include meego if
the community so chooses.

Robert Bauer (SD69)

"Should the Community Council be authorized to form a governance structure
which sees the continued support of maemo devices and survival of
maemo-based and derived open source software even without Nokia involvement?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No"
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