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From: jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Sep 14 19:34:38 EEST 2011

I'm not either sure what is the 'protocol' here, but this shocking news to me.

I met Gary during the first Maemo Conference in Berlin when he was showing off his very innovative Liqbase application on N800. We immediately got along, and shared a vision of natural user interfaces and pen input and all that stuff. He come along as super passionate and smart guy. His passion led to me supporting his work greatly on Internet tablets and later on N900. With the launch of N900, he did a great job in creating a interactive art piece for the Adventures in Motion festival. Everybody who worked with him, liked him immediately and like true artists, he truly knew how to deliver. Without him, the N900 launch would not had an innovative and interactive angle.

He was also invited to Helsinki to meet with the Maemo development team, and during that trip our mailfunctioning revolving doors crushed his finger. I was in the hospital with him, and even with some serious damage to his finger, he still sported a great sense of humour about finger-friendly user interface of Nokia doors. Since those days, we were in contact every once in a while, shared emails and tweets and discussed about the N9 and the stuff he was working on with liqbase. He was one of those people that could see where technology is going and had the skills and the talent to realize his vision and inspire not only me but many people inside the community and Nokia. He was one in a million.

 I will miss him a lot and my thoughts are with his family.

Jussi Mäkinen / Maemo+Meego Marketing @ Nokia

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Dear All,

I hope I reach all the right people via these two lists. If there are people who should receive this, please pass it on.

It is with sadness that I have to tell you I received information from Gary’s wife that he died last night.
Gary was a great supporter of our community, and tireless worker. He connected people and saw potential where others didn’t.

I’m not sure what the protocol is – if there is one – but I shall start a thread in our community forums for people to post memories.

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