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Date: Thu Sep 15 19:25:14 EEST 2011
Hi all,

Have had a message asking people not to send gifts to the paypal on liqbase. It's in Tracey's name but linked to Gary's bank account so frozen till the estate is settled. We'll work out something for cards, flowers etc.


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Subject: Lcuk
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On Sep 14, 2011, at 18:08, Revd Kathy Smith wrote:

> Dear All,
> I hope I reach all the right people via these two lists. If there are people who should receive this, please pass it on.

Thanks for sending this email Kathy. Even though many of us only know each other through our nicknames and avatars, the friendship we create through these projects is real. Being able to talk about that on a list or a forum is important I think.
> It is with sadness that I have to tell you I received information from Gary’s wife that he died last night.
> Gary was a great supporter of our community, and tireless worker. He connected people and saw potential where others didn’t.

Deeply depressing news. Condolences to Gary's family.
> I’m not sure what the protocol is – if there is one – but I shall start a thread in our community forums for people to post memories.

Sadly, there are losses in free software projects from time to time. Debian recently lost Frans Pop who had contributed a great deal to Debian. Usually projects make a note of the loss somehow, they way you've done, and sometimes I've seen various projects dedicate a release to the missing project member. 


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