[maemo-community] maemo-community Digest, Vol 67, Issue 1

From: Piotr Jawidzyk twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Apr 2 15:26:03 EEST 2012
To be honest, I can't get all of this "whining" about "goodbye time".
Personally, I'm quite happy, that many people are too involved in
boiling active projects like CSSU/kernel-power etc, to do Council job.
Really, i prefer them coding ;)

I'm also not surprised so much, that no one wanted to take council
seat - doing job of "communication line" with Nokia is very
frustrating, as they're totally ignoring almost every attempt. Add to
this all of this "why do we need Council, if they can't do miracles,
turn water into vine, and get closed bits source code" whining
(again), and it sums up.

Yet, I'm pretty sure, that most people don't realize how important and
critical time it is, when it comes to infrastructure transfer. At
least some way of coordination would be great, so I still hope for
election of active Council.

So, I would like to nominate SD69 and - despite having much less time
that I would like to have, due to personal things - myself. As for
SD69, I think it doesn't need much explanation - without doubts, he is
most active member in Council's history.

As for myself, I would like to try my best @ helping to organize
infrastructure governed by community, without Nokia's roadblocks.
Don't get me wrong - despite my personal opinion about our "Nokia
friends", I don't plan to go into "war" with them. I realize, that
"friendly divorce" is much better for both parties, and would like to
negotiate best terms of it.

Here we come to another thing - despite common opinions, Council
doesn't have any "special tools". Really. The only difference from
regular users that we have, is community mandate to talk with Nokia at
Community behalf, and respect'n'trust - or lack of - from Community,
that helps (or not, in second case) to coordinate projects, find
solutions, settle small argues etc.

To do this effectively, we really need as strong mandate as we may
have. Having real voting really helps and motivates - seriously. This
is where I ask personally - please, nominate Yourself, if You feel
that You can contribute to Maemo. Don't worry about "not much free
time" - no one here need to dedicated full worktime, it volunteer job
;) I also feel - everytime when voting period comes - that I got much
less time, that I should for work as Council member. Yet, contributing
with what You can do is better than not contributing at all.


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