[maemo-community] Maemo Elections - Extended

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Mon Apr 2 20:25:18 EEST 2012
Sunny B wrote:
> We have already started plans to centralize open source parts of the
> community at www.maemocommunity.org <http://www.maemocommunity.org>. 
> Repos are first priority, then wiki, the forum is tricky.  Input on
> value of community OBS for harmattan/fremantle/diablo would be
> appreciated at this point.  Open for discussion and volunteers are
> definitely wanted.  I would also check first to make sure that someone
> hasn't already mirrored the repos as discussed previously on the forum
> (sorry, don't have a link at the moment) as a safeguard against them.


The few of us left on N900s would be interested to see council
discussions copied to the mailing list. Do you not run MeetBot or
something similar? The t.m.o forum is not something I keep up with.

I had no idea a new community site was starting.

Any discussions with Nokia should also be copied to the mailing list, if
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