[maemo-community] Maemo Elections - Extended

From: Jan Knutar jknutar at nic.fi
Date: Mon Apr 2 23:38:16 EEST 2012
On Monday 02 April 2012, Quim Gil wrote:

> What is the reason in moving away from maemo.org?

I know of several people who are convinced that any day now, there will 
be a sudden and unannounced switch off of maemo.org in order to drive^W 
restrict traffic to Ovi^W??? Store. For this reason they're running 
regular backups of the repositories, afraid that all the software will 

Anyway, for argument's sake, if we theorized that the future direction 
of maemo.org/maemo_OS isn't much of anything, is that reason enough to 
switch it off? There are still users of Maemo and Maemo devices, and I 
bet most aren't community active, or even have a t.m.o. account, garage 
account or maemo.org account, but still use hildon-application-manager 
or fapm. 

I guess if extras is costing real money, it must be heavily used still?

Certainly the maemo operating system will see less development as cssu 
runs into more and more reverse engineering work in order to move 
forward, so the arguments about developer efforts being better spent on 
Mer/Neomobile are probably sensible.. Mer/Neomobile has a chicken-and-
egg issue though, inertia keeping people on fremantle which is for many 
more day to day usable.

-JK (Who just bought his 4th N900 (2 died of cellmo failure), because it 
seemed easiest path to get a workable pocket browser, pocket email, 
pocket computer than hacking on/cracking aegis-harmattan or android)
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