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Date: Tue Apr 3 21:34:18 EEST 2012
Do we have a phone number we can try them on? Is it possible the emails are getting lost or trapped in a spam folder? 

Joseph Charpak 

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Exactly, the problem has existed from a very long time and it's time to fix it for good. 

But just promoting a few applications now, won't avoid the problem in the long term. We need to provide an automatic mechanism for promotion once that applications have fulfilled the criteria to avoid dependency on original (and maybe missing after some time) maintainer. 

Besides the root of this problem (and others) is the fact that the community, the Council, the developers, don't have the possibility to actually do things and fix the problems that arise from time to time. 

We have been trying to contact Niels and Henry for the last month to set up a meeting on the IRC to discuss how to proceed, but we haven't receive any answer yet. 


2012/4/3 Timo Härkönen < timop.harkonen at gmail.com > 

While this could be discussed in the tester ml I'd prefer to keep this discussion here since IMO it needs wider attention. 

By looking at the QA queue [0] the oldest packages are promoted to testing a year ago so the problems isn't exactly a new one. It needs to be resolved anyway. First thing obviously is to get rid of the 6 pages long queue... I propose making a test round (by 2+ people) for _all_ the packages there promoting what can be promoted and then cleaning the older packages not fit for promotion from testing. Since there's no automated system we need help from Niels(?). So how about we provide a list of packages to promote/demote to him? This will take a bit of effort but it needs to be done and cannot be done by a single person. 

I'm in. who else? Might be easiest to communicate this if we setup a IRC channel. #maemo-testing or something? 

[0] http://maemo.org/packages/repository/qa/fremantle_extras-testing/ 


3. huhtikuuta 2012 15.37 robert bauer < nybauer at gmail.com > kirjoitti: 


On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 3:51 AM, Andre Klapper < andre_klapper at gmx.net > wrote: 

Hi Rob, 

On Mon, 2012-04-02 at 13:55 -0400, robert bauer wrote: 
> There is a thread on the testing squad ML 


> and also a "supertesters" thread on the forum. 


> Please also contact ivgalvez if you can offer help or advice. 

You foreshadowed some issues in the quote below, I asked you to 
elaborate on them. I won't read through the threads that I just had to 
find myself, sorry - instead I expected you to summarize the issues, as 
you initially came up with that topic here. 

In general it seems like there is a communication issue. It's depressing 
to see such problems only made half-public by the council now, just 
before an election. 

My two cents, 

Sorry andre, I do a lot of things and can't search for you. I did point you in the right direction though. The topic came up in response to a question from Quim, not really raised by me. The testing ML is fully public (not half-public), and the topic was discussed on the forum and on a mailing list. There is no communication issue among those who have been involved. 



> On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Andre Klapper < andre_klapper at gmx.net > 
> wrote: 
> On Mon, 2012-04-02 at 12:52 -0400, robert bauer wrote: 
> > There are several reasons - the last reason for many of the 
> developers 
> > is that there are projects and software being developed 
> which are 
> > being hindered by the lack of cooperation we are getting 
> from 
> > Nokia/Nemein. For example, we have a long list of fremantle 
> packages 
> > to be promoted and the blocker is Nokia/Nemein. Extras 
> downloads does 
> > us little good if packages can't get into extras. The 
> problem is 
> > serious - we can't even get replies to our emails. 
> Could you elaborate on this, if possible? 
> andre 


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