[maemo-community] Maemo Elections - Extended

From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Wed Apr 4 20:35:38 EEST 2012
Hi Tim,

> No, maemo is dead. Period. Something might arise from the ashes. A
> community might evolve in order to absorbs the repos and keep the
> software and some development available. But, this can never happen if
> maemo is not allowed to die gracefully. Having the community and the
> idea strung along by 50 passionate community members is not my idea of a
> vibrant (or fun) open source community.
> With all respect,
> Tim
> I don't disagree... In fact, it has been my sentiment for quite a long
time, maybe starting with the meego announcement.

What it may have changed for me is that even with all the efforts to NOT
include Harmattan on maemo.org it feels to me that the users have decided
that maemo.org is the right place anyway. I was surprised to find out a
bunch of "announcements" for harmattan applications on tmo and discussions
around harmattan - more or like what I used to see around the n900. I
haven't announced any of my harmattan applications there because "the last"
I heard was that "we" didn't want harmattan on maemo.org.

For me the question is if maemo.org ends with the n900 or if maemo.org is
really "nokia linux devices", right now basically IF it includes or not

Since Nokia/Meego fallout I hoped Nokia would promote Harmattan as maemo
and not meego but it didn't happen.

Like you, I don't think nostalgia is enough. I wouldn't loose sleep to say
that maemo.org is dead if it is not meaningful or if there is a "better
place" out there but... I have seem enough noise around harmattan that
could justify its existence IF we can invite it over with open arms.

The fact that we have many attempts of creating "n9 web sites" tells me
that we have a "need". Honestly, me and my n9/n950 feel homeless ...
meego.com just doesn't feel right... developer.nokia.com feels too much
like "just nokians"... qt is the closest but it is not for everybody (just
developers).... Maemo.org was (is?) the place where you would talk to
developers and with people that didn't have a clue about how to develop
software but "knew" about community, design or whatever - just  interesting
people that you would like to talk to with something in common !

On the applications front is no better... Soon we will need a catalog of
software catalogs... Extras with all its defects was the place that you
would go to find software for the n900. Ovi store was a distant second that
would host the non-open-source projects because they weren't welcome on

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