[maemo-community] maemo-community Digest, Vol 67, Issue 7

From: Piotr Jawidzyk twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 12 21:12:24 EEST 2012
I think You're missing the point about "qt style agreement" here - We
*don't* talk about changing license of Maemo software (i.e. opening
closed bits, or whatever). Whole thing is about transferring
governance over project.

In the past, Nokia representatives made clear statement, that such
passing of maintainership is perfectly possible and appropriate for
Maemo. Unfortunately, during last Council's period, marias was stating
exactly opposite thing, and ignored multiple requests for
clarification - to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised, I he was just
not informed well enough - it seems like another example of situation,
where left hand doesn't know what right hands does. It may be
approriate in Bible, but doesn't work well for our project ;)

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